Through this blog I want to share how I want my bestfriend to be. 

Dear friend. I want you to be among those few people whom I am much closer to. I want you to be the first person whom I look upto both in happiness and sorrow. I don’t want you to get disappeared any day and give me stupid excuses for not being available. I don’t want you to blame me for your disappearance. My dear friend do you know what Friendship is? One of the purest and meaningful form of relationship. And do you know who is a Friend? One of the most gifted and blissful soul on Earth. I want to experience this meaningful relationship with the most reliable person on Earth i.e YOU. In childhood we had SO many companions whom we called friends thenBy the time we grew up we realised that the number has decreased alot and may decrease further moreWhat we are left with is one or two nowOr maybe no one! Friend, I don’t want to complain about this decreasing trend in my friend list rather I want to be thankful to have found you❤ I strictly don’t want to share our friendship with anyoneI don’t want any new friend of yours or mine to overpower our bondMoreoverI want a crazy yet an honest and truthful friend in my lifeI want you to stick to your words be it in any situationI don’want to see you change more rapidly than weatherMy dear friend I don’t want you to hide things from me and disclose them when its too late :’) I want you to be logical. I don’t want you to encourage me in any bad. Also I don’t want you to be tagged as a hypocrite. I don’t want you to be judgemental about me or others. Also I don’t want you to enjoy people being judgemental about me. Even if we are not talking terms, don’t let people take the undue advantage of it. Don’t bring jealousy in our bond. If someone is more close to me than you, don’t hurt that person rather accept it. I want our confrontations about small and big issues to be very easy. I don’t want to take it as a fight if our views don’t equate. I don’t want to see you being friends with the person you were bitching about since a year. No I don’t mean don’t have other friends. All I mean is justify and equalise your words with your actions. Be an easy going person for me ‘cus I discourage tantrums. I don’t want you to upload indirects on social media about me. I want you to love me unconditionally. Am I asking for so much? No darling. I don’t think am asking much from you, friend. I know you can clear all these objectives, friend. I have many expectations from you and I am completely sure you will not shatter them. I am super happy to have finally found you. I love you completely my dear reliable friend, I love you my dear reliable Self! ♡


You cannot resist when you come across amazing bloggers. One such is my dear friend Shalvi with her blog 

I will be glad if you go through her blogs which is not a copy-paste thing. Definitely you will relate to her amazing thoughts. 

thankYou! 💘


Things that remain unsaid. Only time proves whether it was better or not. But the struggle and pain continues. The pain doesn’t end ever but maybe it lessens! It doesn’t :’) Realisation is painful yet beneficial. Its followed by getting over. And this phase is undoubtedly the hardest phase of one’s life. Such phase where you don’t even recognize yourself and feel losing yourself every moment. You don’t feel alive. But this shouldn’t stop you. People say be like before, do this & do that and bla bla bla but nothing actually works. It is not easy. It is not :’)


One of the hardest things you will ever have do is to grieve the loss of a person who is still alive. 

Sometimes you are halfway through and feel you cannot do it anymore. Sometimes you are at the end point and you feel exhausted. This is not a sign of weakness but it is a test that you will have to pass in first second or hundredth attempt.

We need to keep one thing in mind that definitely our perspective changes but the pain we had to encounter doesn’t vanish. There’s a point when you think about the painful past and it makes you cry even if you have accepted it. There is probably no remedy to pain. 

Change shouldn’t be adopted forcefully. It should be all from your mind. Please do everything from your mind. Don’t involve heart. Some find heart vs mind very kiddish and worth laughing but actually they haven’t experienced life yet. Listen to your brain and heart will follow.


Many times we have read that Hardwork is the key to success. But every hardwork doesn’t result in a success instantaneously. We encounter failures more often. But failures ain’t the end result. Failure is the learning stage that is utmost important in order to taste the fruit of success.

Yeah I know most of us see failure as a shame for ourself. We tend to feel low in every way. And most of the time people around us make our journey from failure to success very hard for us. People don’t know our struggles so don’t let them judge your capability at all. 

We all are a bit impatient. We want everything within nanoseconds. We don’t wait and let things happen their way. No doubt our journey will have obstacles, mistakes, failures and obviously doubters but hard work knows no bounds and limits. Not trying after a failure is real shame. Failures defeat losers and inspires winners.

Dreaming is very easy. All you just need is to stress upon your neurons. But to covert those dreams into reality requires a special magic trick called work ; hardwork. Ah! This made me remember a very inspiring post from a very famous sportsperson which says : 

Dreams are for free, goals have a price. Goals require a vision and persistence. Goals require courage. Goals require blood, sweat and tears. If you want to achieve them, go out there because they won’t come looking for you.

Without hard work nothing grows but weeds. The route to success develops us as a person. Failure makes us strong. Hard work makes us determined. No matter how much and how many times someone underestimates you, let success make the noise. 



“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.  The man who never reads lives only one.”

 How many times have we read this quote? Of course a hundred times and almost every single individual would agree upon it. Reading isn’t just about going through some sentences or paragraphs but it is more than that. A reading which doesn’t benefit the reader is simply waste of time. 

Reading maybe ereading or book reading. Its all your choice what do you prefer most but I am gonna stress upon book reading. Myself I prefer book reading anyday and any moment. The calmness and tranquillity that books provide is incomparable. If you haven’t witnessed it then that is really unlucky. 

I have noticed that today few individuals mention books as their priority just for fashion. Believe me it is a trend today. But they are actually making fun of the purity of books. Let them understand the benefit of book reading. 

Researchers say just like our muscles need exercise similarly our brain needs exercise to keep it healthy and functional. What better exercise than reading? We go through so many words, expressions and emotions. We tend to think and derive our own meaning. Definitely this increases our vocabulary. Ultimately our writing skills get developed to infinite levels. Readers will agree that if you are given any topic to write or speak upon, you do it with so much of confidence and creativity. You don’t have to just request others to help you at it. And I strongly believe no one should give own thoughts to other person. Keep them to your ownself ‘cus when they copy it they dont give you credit (that you deserve). 

Moreover, books help you lessen your stress level. You tend to engage in the story of characters and live their life which makes you forget your own life and the problems. You feel connected when you relate to any character and thus understand the emotions and feelings. You get a cleared vision of life and certainly know how to achieve your goals. You know how to handle any situation smartly. 
The feels of books is simply surreal. As it is said by Sidonie Gabrielle that Real poverty is lack of books. Books are ultimate bestfriends that are same today tomorrow and everyday. They will not change. They are the best counsellors. They are the most patient teachers. They are most reliable and the best anti depressants. 


Comments and suggestions are appreciated. 


Happiness is defined as the emotional state where a person is all in a pleasant mood. We will agree upon this definition. But is it really the complete definition? NO. IT IS NOT. Happiness can’t only imply to a pleasant or jolly mood. Consider a person who at the moment is very tired but to us it seems he is not in a pleasant mood, does it mean he isn’t happy at all? The answer is simply no. Happiness, a state of being in a pleasant mood, also means to be completely satisfied with whatever you have and thus living and enjoying your life as such. 

Now arises the term satisfaction. What definition would you give it? Think about for sometime. Thinking about satisfaction, doesn’t the word happiness come to our mind? Don’t you think that they are very much related to each other. There are certain other blogs which state happiness and satisfaction as two different things. But this random blogger doesn’t agree with them

 So how much are you satisfied with yourself? This will tell you how much happy you are because of yourself. 

Happiness is both independent as well as dependent – independent of any other person and dependent on YOU; ONLY YOU. There’s a stigma among many of us that we can be happy ONLY if the other person is happy or does something to make us happy. Let me clear it that there’s is nothing wrong in being happy in someone’s happiest moment. But if that is your one and only way to be happy then it is so wrong and truly unjust to your beautiful self. 

Happiness is all about being satisfied with whatever you have at the moment. Happiness is that strength which encourages you to improve and be determined to your future. If there’s something that you wanted to improve but couldn’t do as planned, happiness boosts you up and doesn’t let you feel incapable or depressed. Happiness is all about accepting, absorbing and fighting hard against the odds. Even if the odds ain’t in our favour but we need to be in our favour always and forever. 

Every single day of your life counts. Don’t waste any day of your precious life being sorrowful. Your happiness should be your priority. You should be your priority. You should be the ultimate source of your happiness. 

  The key to being happy is knowing you have the power to choose what to accept and what to let go.” 


Now decide whatever you have understood here. But remember your happiness is important, beautiful. Let all be happy and beautiful.  


Comments and suggestions are appreciated.


An immense happiness fills my soul when I see people awaring about mental health. Deepika Padukone, a bollywood & hollywood actress, was my favourite only for her looks and acting three years back. But ever since she opened about her personal experience of depression and started The Live Laugh Love Foundation (TLLLF), she has become much more than just a favourite. I will tell you why. 

Depression is considered as something very very bad or the person dealing with depression is asked to be in an asylum. People be like “Oh he/she is depressed? She needs to be in an asylum. Haha” They are totally unaware about the other person’s sufferings. If there is someone who can speak out his/her heart about depression in such kind of society it is more worth than just praising. Depression is considered as the feeling where a person is in low spirits due to loss of hope or courage. But is this just it? No buddy it isn’t. Depression is often symptomized by anxiety, hopelessness, loneliness, disinterest  or low concentration in activities, sadness, stress, mood swings, panic attack, suicidal thoughts, insomnia, crying, agitation, low appetite or increased hunger, isolation and much more.

People take depression as a sort of sadness due to some mistimed event in one’s life. They believe this happens to one who is very weak to encounter such accidents and is totally away from his/her religion. Telling y’all from my own personal experience, a depressed person is asked to change his/her mood. People take it as the decision of a depressed person to be depressed. But what fun would someone find being depressed? Obviously, nothing! 

You might would have raised eyebrows on post title ‘cus even the open minded people take it as just sadness. But it should be taken as a disease. It should be treated with psychotherapy and if needed by medication. There’s nothing wrong and shameful if you visit a psychiatrist/ clinical psychologist. This stigma needs to be erased from everybody’s mind. After all its your health and your life. Why would someone judge your disease as your decision? Think about it and take care of your mental health. 

“Depression is feeling like you’ve lost something but having no clue when or where you last had it. Then one day you realise what you lost is yourself.”

Comments and suggestions are appreciated. 


The word 
love has not been given a definition that satisfies every single being. Everybody has its own meaning of love. No matter what our definitions be for love, our feelings are very common and understood. 

Generally, 80% of the people think love is something that only happens between two opposites sexes. But 10% people (including me) want everyone to understand that love cannot be only between a boy and a girl or a man and a woman, it could be any other – parent–child love, friendship love, student-teacher love, human-pet love and most importantly 

 Self–love, this love isn’t so common. Reason? Yeah, forgetting that our own self is most important and most valuable. When was the last time you said “
I love myself“? We have gave up on ourselves and have dedicated our life to something/someone else. We’re probably busy in loving someone who’s not interested in us back, who doesn’t care at all. 

There’s nothing bad about the one-sided love. But the major point to be understood is that if we are really so ready to love someone to infinity without even being loved back then why don’t we love ourselves to that much extent! Why is it necessary to give someone else’s name rather than your own when we encounter questions like “
whom do you love the most?” 

One-sided love or even two-sided love may hurt but loving your own yourself ain’t gonna hurt you ever. Self-love has always its role in betterment and more betterment of an individual. Self-love doesn’t mean changing your looks and styles but it means loving and appreciating your personality and soul that you are born with. How many of us here are insecure about our hairs, looks, skin tone, voice, talent, height, weight and what not! Self-love enables us to be secured with our inborn features and style. Can’t a fat dark toned and short heightened girl love and adore herself completely?  Where is it written loving yourself is possible only if you seem attractive to others? It is only we people who have categorised light toned skin, slimness, tall height in good category and their opposites in bad category. 

Indulging in self-love will raise your standards . You will start expecting less from others  and be independent of them. You won’t feel bad about their absence. Self-love will enable you to do those things that make your heart mind and soul happy. Often people who are doing something against their will get irritated and be like “
I hate myself.” Ah! It hurts. How much does it hurt when someone says these words to you! And now you are saying them to your own self. It should hurt more. 

Self-love has ability of making you love your life. You become a warrior. You can defeat depression. Even if there are some downs but you know how to get up and fight back stronger. No other person will make you do so. NO OTHER. 

Self-love costs nothing of yours. All you need to do just before sleeping and right after waking up look into the mirror and adore yourself. Look at yourself with love and appreciation.  Don’t think about the pimples, nose, eyebrows, forehead etc etc . Just smile at yourself.  Start and end your day with a genuine natural smile. This smile should be somewhat that makes your whole day the best. Say “
I love myself” many times a day. Let your own name be the answer to the question “whom do you love the most?” Let you love your voice even if it doesn’t sound melodicious. Be secured about your self. 

“What you do today is important, because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.”    

So why not exchanging a day of your most precious and most beautiful life with a smile and love for your ownself? 


Comments and suggestions are appreciated.  

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